There’s something from far away

Yesterday, after coming back from Balloch, I sat on my computer and checked the photos I’d taken. I was saying to my boyfriend that if I was happy with a couple it would have been a very good day. I suppose I like thinking I’m my biggest critic. I was ok with some, until I remember this one, taken years ago back in Lisbon that I’ve worked quite a bit on Photoshop. I usually only convert to B&W or do a bit on levels and crop, but I like the end result. It reminds me of Japan and one of my life goals, to go there.

3 responses to “There’s something from far away”

  1. chloë says:

    it’s amazing what photoshop can do
    did you add the squiggles on the righthand side(?) or what was this(?)
    i love this duck, it’s awesome colours

  2. chloë says:

    i think you are very right, i think i needed to write & pose that question to myself in order to realise the answer i already know..

    i think the tree relfections are stunning, it’s all class in this photograph

  3. Well done. Bravo!!

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