The well of initiation


I’ve joined this website called photofriday and every week there’s a different challenge. The site is pretty much that, a challenge. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve took part mainly because all the themes, although interesting, didn’t really go with what I already have or I could get something at least half decent. This is this week challenge: circular.

3 responses to “The well of initiation”

  1. chloe says:

    i think you absolutly nailed circular
    this is very interesting, where did you find this place(?)
    i like the (bricks(?)) that look like stairs climbling around the wall

  2. donagata says:

    regaleira… good old sintra… portugal 😉

  3. ArianaGupt says:

    I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

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